Course curriculum

  • 1

    Fundraisers! How to Expand Your Business While Helping Organizations Raise Money! INTRO

    • Course Intro - Why I Love Fundraisers - and You Should, Too!
    • Fundraisers Should Be Win-Win
    • Five Different Types of Fundraisers
  • 2

    Type One: Booking Parties (My Favorite!)

    • Booking Parties is the EASIEST Fundraiser The Organization Will EVER Do!
    • Designing Your Fundraiser
    • Finding the Best Clubs and Organizations to Work With
    • How to Approach the Decision Makers
    • Coaching Fundraisers Hostesses
    • What You Will Do DIFFERENTLY at a Fundraiser Party
    • Online and Outside Orders for Fundraiser Parties
    • Using Hostess Competitions to Build Sales
    • Calculating Total Earned, and Presenting Their Check
    • Approaching Business Prospects
    • Additional Donations AFTER the Fundraiser
    • Book the Group AGAIN for a Future Fundraiser