Course curriculum

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    Welcome to the Course!

    • Introduction - What Awesome Host Coaching Can Do for Your Business
    • Host Packets - for both Online and LIve Parties - HANDOUT
    • Host Coaching Connections - Checklists for Both Live and Online Parties
    • Your Mindset about Your Hosts
    • The "Role" of the Host - How She "Earns" Rewards
    • Host Coaching Connections - the Big Picture
    • The Importance of Sponsoring Bids During Host Coaching Connections
    • Coaching Your Host for Outside Orders and Bookings - from Non-Attendees
    • "Stacking the Deck" - Teaching Your Host Who to Invite for High Sales, Bookings, and Business Prospects
    • SPECIAL BONUS - How to Set-up Your Own Host Rewards Program
    • Using the Host Coaching Checklists
    • Adding an Additional "Party Saver" Connection
    • Pre-Party Host Coaching
    • Closing out the Party
    • Asking for Referrals and Testimonials